Editing, Proofreading, Machine translation

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The aim of localization is to give the reader/player/audience/user the feeling that a product was originally developed in their native language.

To achieve this level of immersion, a simple translation isn’t enough. It is essential to take into account all cultural, linguistic and contemporary customs of the specific area where the product is going to be published, using the skills of native-speaking professional translators.

When it comes to technical translations, new versions of existing products or specific cultural material, the translation team is joined by terminology experts who help them identify the best way to clearly and correctly express concepts in each target language.

Some localization processes have to be performed directly on the source code (i.e. webgames, HTML5 dynamic content, re-engineering, re-versioning) and for this our team of linguists is joined by our programmers who implement and test the final results. 






Machine Translation and Machine Translation Post Editing

For specific content, the latest automated translation engines provide very accurate translations in a short turnaround time.

Sometimes however human intervention (and checking) is needed. In these cases, the results of machine translation are proofread and revised by our editors.

Copywriting and transcreation

Multilingual marketing and commercial messages involve a great deal of creativity, cultural references and style which can only be achieved through collaboration between copywriters and translators.