Age rating, GFL, GDPR and ISO compliance

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The next step to localization is culturalization. This not only helps make the content appropriate for its target audience but also makes it meaningful by taking into account complex societal layers, including, but not exclusively, geopolitics, history and religion.

This cross-cultural approach helps to ensure that the creative content going out to the world, wherever it lands, will be inclusive and mindful.


GFL compliance

Historically, localization for languages that differentiate between masculine and feminine has often adopted a gender-specific perspective, assuming the presence of a male user and thus involuntarily adopting sexist language that effectively excludes anyone who doesn’t identify as male.

To promote and improve inclusion, many companies are moving towards a Gender Fair Language (GFL), to avoid gender bias and make every user feel welcome and seen.

Age rating restriction compliance

With the rise in popularity of mobile media devices accessed by a wide audience, especially children and younger teenagers, the need to limit the availability of content according to the age of viewers has become a top priority for publishers and broadcasters.

Our linguists and editors ensure that all content is compliant with the principal rating bodies (i.e. Entertainment Software Rating Board, ESRB) and the client guidelines.

Legal, GDPR and ISO compliance

Compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is an essential requirement when marketing, in the European Union, any sort of product or service that processes user data. Along with the GDPR, the oftentimes overlapping of the ISO compliance can be taken care of by our experts.