Audio production

Voice-over, post-production, music & SFX

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Audio recording for distribution is not just a matter of placing a microphone in front of an actor or an instrument. It involves a whole range of measurements, experience, set-ups and adaptation to different situations, using the best technology BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER the recording session.




  • Actors’ database
  • Live casting
  • Music samples

Adaptive workflow (every client has their own, and we can accommodate specific requirements):

  • Preferred tools
  • Procedures
  • Best practices
  • Pipelines

Recording room:

  • 5 recording rooms with exclusive access in Italy, and 2 in every foreign nation where our studio partners are located
  • Preset setups to maintain an even audio quality independent of the booth used
  • Preproduction always done in our Italian HQ
  • Selection of microphones
  • Suitable preamplifiers


Cutting-edge tools and processes:

  • Internal tools for advanced cutting and renaming processes
  • Leveling and audio normalization (on request)
  • Debugging (clicks, room noise, humming, breathing, slobber noise removal)
  • SFX application (on request)
  • Stereo or 5.1 mix
  • Syncing
  • Video encoding
  • Delivery of all materials with the requested folder/file structure and formats

Proof listening:

  • Technical proof listening, including: audio quality, processing and effects, volume consistency, etc.
  • User-experience proof listening, including: audio content, voice talent, context match, etc.

Music consulting:

  • Music selection
  • Music composition
  • Scene edit
  • Mix

Sound effects:

  • Effects creation (from foley to Sci-fi)
  • Digital environment enhancement
  • Asset delivery