Video & GFX

Post-production, trailers and DTP

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Video post-production & trailers creation

  • Level up your video for the online environment to meet industry standards and clients’ needs
  • Objects to walls and ground
  • Keyframe motion tracking
  • Graphic localization
  • Animation
  • Sensitive content editing for age rating restriction compliance
  • Video format conversion


  • Commercials
  • Corporate videos
  • Event videos
  • E-learning courses
  • Demo reels
  • Movie/game trailer

Desktop publishing (DTP) and graphic localization

Translating into another language often involves using a different set of characters, different writing/reading systems and word lengths. The localization of a text in one or more languages for editorial and publishing purposes (i.e. books, magazines, websites) can be very challenging when it requires a consistent layout or page numbering, or when images need to be added and the whole piece must be kept within preset parameters. And even more so when texts are not simply letters typed into an electronic document but have been converted into graphic elements.