Quality check, testing and evaluation

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LQA testing

Translation is about concept, culture, context and, of course, language.┬áBut what happens when there’s a gap between the person responsible for the content and the person taking care of the context, graphics and layout?

LQA testing helps to ensure that all of the translated content in the final product fits its targeted locale from both a graphic and contextual point of view, by thoroughly checking texts, audio and graphics.

Available platform for LQA:

  • iOS/iPadOS
  • Android
  • PC/Mac
  • All formats of audiovisual content
  • Consoles (in progress)

Language Quality Inspections

Adding resources to a new localization department can be challenging and also requires great care to avoid compromising the quality of what is already in place.

Our professionals perform quality evaluations based on translation samples, producing a structured report which grades a variety of linguistic aspects. This detailed analysis of performance allows us to focus on the most critical aspects of the translation.

  • Single translation evaluation
  • Project translation evaluation
  • Linguistic style coherence analysis for brands

Audio Quality Inspections

As with text, audio can also have flaws, both from a technical and a linguistic point of view.

Our Audio QA team can provide:

  • Extensive audio QA check on glitches (clicks, pops, breathing, other noises…)
  • Audio to text mismatch
  • As recorded script production