It has been a great year at Molok —despite the challenging times we’re living in— with a constantly growing team, new partners, a fresh HQ, excellent memes, and a ton of cool projects.

It’s a privilege for us to work with so many talented people, whether they’re linguists, media engineers, actors, creators, or interns, and to deliver not only simple products, but laughter, tears, knowledge, and respect for other people and cultures.

We’re proud to have been part of the localization of 2021’s Game of the Year, planted some Italian Easter eggs in THAT popular FPS (“Ajó”), brewed up melting pots of several languages, brought anime fun to Europe, along with some other Asian pearls to the US, all while sharing the 50 Cent 80s gangsta mood with our local TV audience.

Kudos to everyone. It’s our 4th year already but it’s only the start of the journey in our little localization pizzeria.

Enjoy your holidays wherever you are and have a good start to 2022! Rock ‘n’ roll!


Molok team


(No NDAs were harmed in the making of this post)